4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

I know the question you may be asking yourself as you read this article is “does my business really need a blog?” Yea, my answer to that is a big YES!

You may also be wondering if it is really necessary to go ahead building a blog even when your business has a website already.

Your business needs a blog to stand out among your competitors. A good business that strives to be recognized or known internationally does that with the help of a blog. Days are gone when people rely so much on the traffic their business website brings for them, and the real truth today is that blogs are taking over the internet, commercially and otherwise.

In this article, I will be listing a few points that will make you understand how helpful a blog can be to your business. Studies have shown that websites with blogs get about 7 times more traffic than websites without blogs. Here’s why:

1. Blogs brings more traffic

Yes, like I said earlier, blogs are very helpful to business websites and brings much more traffic for you as against when you run only a website. This is because blogs are updated more frequently, and are also easier for your readers to interact with. Most blogs have simple layout that makes it very user friendly for people reading them.

2. Blogs are easy to update

Another striking thing about blogs is that they are easily updated. I hear the stress business owners pass through sometimes just to update their website. This is never experienced with blogs. Once you create a blog updating it is more like sending an email which a least newbie can do. At least almost anybody knows how to type on Microsoft Word, which most blogs has in the form of a rich text editor. Simply type and click “Publish” that’s all you do to update a blog. 

3. Blogs engages your audience

With the presence of social media, business blogs are now more or less a major trusted medium for your audience to actively engage with you. Unlike a website, you don’t get to leave a comment on a post, you do that mostly by dropping a question via the feedback page or contact us page.

In blogs, you get to narrow down your question or inquiries by commenting directly under the post or conversation that matters to you. Also with social networking sites share buttons, it now fun for readers and also promotes the sharing of your business activities with their friends.

4. Search engines loves blogs

Google, Yahoo Search and Bing are constantly looking out for blogs that are updated daily with quality contents. This is one mark which blogs score above websites. When you write a post on your business blog and ping it, these search engines picks them up depending on the quality of your content and showcases it to the world and in particular to the people who are searching for updates on the services rendered by your business.

With these few points above, you now see that there is no doubt the fact that with a blog integrated in your business website, you can be sure of two things – profitable traffic inflow and patronage.

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