Are You Tapping into Information Marketing Business in Nigeria?

January 26th, 2022

If you really want to tap into the internet juice being enjoyed by smart Nigerians, then you should start considering investing in Information Marketing! Yes, I really mean it, this aspect of marketing is really taking a greater shape in Nigeria. It all start with finding out what people have as a problem and then doing some research to come up with solutions (real and salable one) which you can market to the targeted group of people who have the said problem.

Nigeria alone is a huge market to invest in. Considering the millions of Nigerians who now have access to the internet both on PC and mobile, doing this business leaves you with a lot of opportunities to make money from. As at middle of October, 2013, a survey done by the National Communications Commission NCC revealed that internet subscriber data in Nigeria on the Global System for Mobile Telecommunication and Code Division Multiple Access platforms was 50.58 million (a whooping market to invest in…) You can later read the detailed statistics here.

Based on this number which as a matter of fact has increased in the last few months, the era of information marketing has really come. Unlike before when it was assumed that Nigerians don’t read online or even buy online. Today, the case has changed as it has become the reverse. Greater business opportunities now exist on the internet, among which you don’t really need to walk the streets of Lagos, Port-Harcourt or Abuja to sell and make money.

Everything is now automated, and with the right solution to a said problem suffered by a few percentage of over 105million active Nigerians online, you can kiss good-bye to job hunt or employment wahala…

Just to wrap up this article, another survey carried out last last last year revealed that Nigeria ranks 10th among the largest network subscribers in the world, and with this number opportunities abound for advertisers, information marketers and businesses to engage.

This article is just an eye opener on the need to start tapping into information marketing business in Nigeria. The market is very huge and once you have the right product to sell, you will surely make some cool Naira out of the increasing millions of active Nigerian internet subscribers.

One of the things you should consider doing from today is creating your own information products and marketing it to the right Nigerians out there. But it doesn’t just end as selling information product, remember I said earlier that the Nigerian market is huge, even more than that of UK, so there are a lot more to learn from this blog. All you need do is stay tuned by subscribing FREE of charge to my newsletter for detailed business ideas and salable information that makes one drink the juicy returns of the internet…


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