Best Ways To Get Blogpost Ideas For Beginners

January 26th, 2022

Ideas for blog-posts is like one of the sickness of blogging. Having a blog with a good and unique niche is one part and consistently having blog-post ideas to blog about which is related to that niche is another problem every or most bloggers will always face.

I don’t know if this has happened to you too, but for you to be viewing this post, i believe you’re a victim.
Don’t be worried about it, your not the first person to experience such. Other successful bloggers experience this all the time, i too also experience it often.
As a matter of fact, successful bloggers experience this more than those who are coming up, this is because alot of visitors are always waiting for an update, so frequent updates might result to failure in blog-post idea.
You need to regularly blog-posts to engage your readers and still remain in your rank on search engines.

What Is Blogpost Ideas?

Let us start with knowing what a blog is, what a blogpost is and what a blogpost idea generally means;
A blog post or comment is an entry on a blog.
A blog is like a web page where authors write and share their knowledge or information to the public on the internet. And a blog consists of blogposts of different pages to make up the blog.
So a blog-post idea is an idea of what next topic to post about. Remember that the topic must correspond with the blog’s niche.
Now this is where the problem is because if you loose ideas, you loose the blogging character in you, which will result to a failed blog.

Types of Blogposts

This are the various types of blogposts that we blog about most of the time, and knowing this can also help you build up an idea for your next blogpost;
#1. How-to’s and Tutorials
The how-to blog posts are one of the most powerful of all types of blogposts. Info Retweet deals on more of this, if you’ve noticed.
Now, if you doubt me just take a second taught of it. Why do you go to the Google? Isn’t it to search for something online? Like you want to check on the latest gist on education, music or you even want to know how to do some certain things, which is what people search on the web for more often.
#2. List Blogpost
List blogpost’s gather’s a numbered list of information that is easy for readers to understand and put into action.
List posts are generally attractive to readers because it reviles information results that might be unknown to your readers.
List heading’s are a very good way to attract visitors. From time to time try to use list headings to drive one or two traffic to your blog and get some unique visitors who will like your blog, take note of it and always visit from time to time.
Now, you will agree with me that even if you have seen or read a blogpost on that topic above, you will still want to click and read. Isn’t it?
#3. Videos
If you’re creating a video by your self and posting on youtube, well-done! That is a great way to publicize your product and earn a huge amount of money and traffic using some SEO skills.
Video blogging is a good move to attract and engage your readers most times. The good thing about it is that you earn from both ways; from blog and from youtube search, which will increase your blog engagement and awareness in two different platforms.
#4. Guest Post
Letting contents from other experts and bloggers to your blog is a way in-which you can get contents without worrying about writing it.
Many bloggers will ask; “Where will i get people to guest post?” Guest posting is something every blogger is interested in, so all they just need is for you to let them know.
Now the question is How can you let them know? There are many ways.
First you could do this from your blog and secondly through social media’s or forums.
You will agree with me that 20% of your traffic comes from your fellow bloggers. Now you could use that medium to inform them of a guest post by creating and including a Guest Post link on every blogpost. Anyone who sees this, even non bloggers will be interested to include their contents to your blog.
Also you can include a Guest Post awareness on facebook pages, groups and other forums like I assure you, you will get in-boxed immediately.
You could do this guest posting once in a while when you do not have ideas to blog on.
#5. Interviews
Interviews are a good blogpost alternative. If you have access to a celebrity that you know your readers will be happy to here from. You can take permission form him or her, interview the person, ask questions you know you readers will want to hear about and publish to your blog either in form of text or video.
Info Retweet for now does not have an interview post, which we are looking up to having one soon.

3 Other Ways You Can Get Blogpost Ideas

These are some other ways you can get blogpost ideas for your blog without stretching your mind.

Remember: If your blog is not frequently updated, your readers might thing your blog is no-longer active, so as Google also will think, and your search rank will be reduced.

#1. Using Forums

Forums are a good place to get blogpost ideas.
One thing about ideas is that you just need a topic that you have knowledge about and can deliver good contents from.
If your a Nigerian blogger, you should have heard of Nairaland and others like 6ters.

You could get just enough ideas from these forums you know?
Now, you can get ideas from forums by the following steps;

Go to the forum you want to get contents from. For example Nairaland.

  1. Select the category of your blog or the category you want to get ideas on.
  2. Scroll on all the list of posts and choose a topic you can fit in. Make sure the topic you choose is one that you can deliver good contents for.
Go to your blog, input and create a post on the topic, then publish!
This is how you get blog post ideas from forums. And the god thing about is that you could see latest trends on your blog category/niche and write on it.

Note: Do not copy and past contents from forums to your blog. Ensure you rewrite the post in your own words. This is because forums are regularly crawled by search engines and you could be penalized for that.

#2. Social Media
Social media’s are also a very good alternative. You should be familiar with the fact that only viewing your account feeds, there are alot of contents users post that could be carried up and writing about with your own idea and blog about. Social medias you can use are; FacebookInstagramQuora and so many others. These are just the ones I use for my own blog.
Now this was a content I saw on facebook as a post feed. I can remember a guy just jokingly posted few funny just some few reasons why a man should marry a woman who can cook and i thought in my mind that this could make a good blogpost. But now, see how i transformed it into a 500 words well written unique post.
You could also do that too you know? You won’t know what can come out of your fingers until you start typing.
As far as I am concerned, Quora is one of the best options to use. Just get questions that people are asking of and make a blogpost on it if you have knowledge about it.
#3. Monitoring Your Competitors
I believe your blog is not the only blog on that niche. There should be other blogs that deal on that same category of yours, which is automatically a competitor to you. You can monitor them ones in a while and get contents that you believe could be a good one and rewrite it in your own manner but this time better. You know it’s already on your competitors blog, so you have to give the best of it for yours to be unique.
Like, this site is a blogging and tech blog, and have its competitors also like; and so on that are related to what we do. If I get stocked on lack of blogpost ideas, I could go to them, check on their latest blogposts and see if I could get something to blog about.
This trick will help you because you will use the knowledge of your competitors to grow your business, as long as you rewrite the posts very well and give a reason for readers to ignore theirs and read yours.

Bottom Line

You are  not the first person to run out of blogpost ideas, don’t get depressed. Even other successful bloggers encounter such problems too, it only depends on how you handle it.
Your blog needs to be updated with at least one well written unique post of about 500 words every 2 days depending on your blog’s niche.
The above types of blogposts and 3 other ways you can get blogpost ideas will go a very long way for you. You will discover that with this post you will no longer have to worry about blogposts.


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