How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

January 26th, 2022
After many appeals from our readers, I decided to write an article on how you can start affiliate marketing and make it big.


Affiliate marketing is an arrangement by which you get paid by commissions for referring a person to purchase a particular product through a referral link. In other words, affiliate marketing is when you refer a person to a website to buy a particular product through a referral link and you get paid when the person has successfully purchased the product or item.


Affiliate marketing works in a simple way. All you need is having your own website and sending traffic from your website to someone else’s website to buy a product and in return you get commission for it. That’s called affiliate marketing. Also, affiliate marketing works in different ways. It can be done on a part-time basis. And with just knowing what you are doing you can become a very successful Affiliate marketer


Not just by words but by action. To become an affiliate marketer is very simple. But the time you devote to it is what will decide how you will earn from it.
To become an affiliate marketer you need to have a blog on which you can place links to the product or item you are recommending.
There are free and cheap platforms like Google blogger or wordpress where you can create a simple blog and buy domain name from Hostgator, Qservers Or Whogohost.  Personally, I use hostgator and Qserver on my sites so I recommend you to use them as they are very cool and have high ranking factor use link below to signup


Signup for HOSTGATOR
Sign Up for QSERVERS


And also if you don’t want to stress yourself over creating a blog or you are a very busy person you can HIRE ME for a token to do all the stress and all you do is earn from it trust me…


Every human has their difference on what they love most that is what is called a NICHE. Pick something you are good at; something you love most like Fashion, Cell phones, Make-ups, Computer , etc.


After you have decided a niche then it’s now time for you to choose the Affiliate program that best suits your taste.
There are many affiliate sites out there with reasonable commision, But one thing you should be assured before scouting for affiliate sites is first of all check the site on google to see the review of what other merchants are saying about it if they pay their Affiliates or not so you don’t work and don’t get paid. In Nigeria you can join Konga, Jumia, Payporte, Commission Junction Affiliate program but in other countries you can join Amazon, clickbank, ShareaSale, eBay, and many more.  I use hostgator. You can SIGN UP HERE with hostgator, And in hostgator you get paid for referring.


Just like I said earlier, to become an affiliate marketer you will have to devote your time and energy into it.  First, you will have to build audience targeted audience. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, to attract the right people for your business. Some visitors won’t click your affiliate link. They prefer to use google to get to the right site so to better help both you and your visitors understand each other you need to use advertising sites to get to the right people who will not only visit but visit to always come back . Below are the easy and simple ways to get more visitors to your affiliate site


1. Join Facebook Groups
2. Join Linkedin Groups
3. Create a twitter page
4. Join forums
5. Write reviews.


Share your posts on the group with your link let people know what the products are all about and why they should use your link to purchase them. You can use discount link to earn commission, I won’t really be talking about Number 1-4 as many people already know how to join a facebook group. Join Linkedin, create a twitter page and join forums so i will concentrate on Number 5. WRITE REVIEWS.


There are two ways to make your blog outstanding for affiliate marketing:


NO/1: Resourceful sites.

Resource sites are sites that mainly present an affiliate link with a short post or article for people to understand the features of the product while you provide them with an affiliate link to purchase the products or items. Make sure to keep your blog updated frequently with fresh contents. That’s just another simple way to get your visitors coming back


NO/2: Review sites.

Write about the products then input your affiliate banner or link for visitors to click through and buy if they like the review and features.


The best way to keep the relationship between an admin and a reader is when you know your readers. Below  is how to build a relationship:


Every visitor on your site is valuable. So the option is to turn them into potential readers by collecting their email addresses to stay in touch with them by sending them newsletter of latest products. The best way to do that is to implement an opt-in subscription box on your website for people to join and start receiving newsletter from you every month.


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