10 Copywriting Books Every Sales Executive Needs To Read

As a sales executive you can’t do without sending mails to companies, sponsors and clients. It becomes very important that sales executives learn the art of copywriting. This skill can be the single reason between profit and loss in your company.

Copywriting is a skill that when practised repeatedly comes natural to you. You definitely need to read a lot of books. Everyday new ideas and strategies are developed for improving copywriting skills.

In the post I will show you 10 great books you ought to read to boost your copywriting skills and help your company clinch that business deal.


1. Scientific Advertising – By Claude C Hopskins

Definitely one of the oldest books on advertising. It was published in 1923 and still remains relevant. Claude Hopkins clearly points out in the book that advertisers should help clients fatten their wallets. This book speaks against flashy ads and advises copywriters to produce safe ads as an effective way of selling products.


2. Ogilvy On Advertising – David Ogilvy

Written by one of the giants in the field of copywriting. David Ogilvy in his book explains several aspect of advertising such as writing headlines, clear writing, researching that guides one in producing great copies. It contains several examples of some of his works that can aid you.


3.The Copywriting Handbook – Robert W Bly

Robert W Bly has tons of experience working with big name clients such as Apple, cocacola, and life. In the book he covers virtually all aspect of copywriting; both traditional and web copywriting. For someone looking for a start in advertising and webcopywritng, this book sure provides enormous resources to guide you through.


4. Breakthrough Advertising – Eugen Schwartz

Written in 1957, this book is one of the most sought after books in advertising world. It is still very expensive. This book discusses human psychology and how it influences buying. This book is practically oriented and it guides you through every single steps required to create new market for both new and old product.


5.High Conversion Email Copywriting – Scott Frothinghm

This rich book gives you 50 tips on writing marketing emails that can increase customer loyalty, brand awareness and more prospects.  Read this book inside out and see how your sales would increase dramatically. Please do not send any email until you have read this book.


6. Cash Copy – Jeffrey Lant

Do you know why some copies don’t bring in more sales and prospects because they were not produced with the intention of selling? Veteran copywriter Claude Hopkins said the only purpose of advertising is to sell. Cash copy is a no-nonsense approach to selling your products and services to prospects. It reveals the 21 biggest copywriting mistakes you are making, how to turn every words, line, paragraph and page into hooks, and how to turn products and services features into benefits. Lastly teaches you how to make your copy about your prospects.


7. Break-Through Copywriting – David Garfinkel

Its title says it all. It details the steps to take to turn your copywriting into cash. Here you will find copywriting secret you can use to power your words into cash. This book will reveal to you how to write emotion-packed copy that gets instant response, the anatomy of a sales page and how to get floods of customers. It is quite a read.


8. Successful Writing For Design, Advertising And Marketing – Mark Shaw

When it comes to experience, Mark Shaw needs no introduction. With 25 years as a copywriter, you can only expect the best from his book. Here he teaches how to produce powerful content without dropping a sweat. You will also learn from other leading copywriters in his several interviews who provide even more information about advertisement. Complete with illustrated case studies of several brands, this book is just what you need.


9. Tested Advertising Method – John Caples

If you read other books on writing and advertisement without reading this timeless piece by John Caples, you will feel incomplete. He is one of the forces to reckon with in Direct Response Marketing. With over 49 years in advertising, John Caples sure got great things to tell us. You will learn how to capture the prospect attention, maintain his interest and move the prospect to take a favourable action


10.Robert Collier Letter Books- Robert Collier

Definitely one of the best books ever written on sales letter. Robert collier letter books will guide you through practical steps on how to write sales letter that brings in results. It is filled with several cases on how he helped multiple clients in either increasing their sales tremendously or growing their customer base. You shouldn’t write a sales letter without reading this great book. Everything ever written in this books has been tested, measured and applied.



The principles in this book have been tested and measured and proven to improve your copy when applied. This book will surely turn you into a better sales executive.

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