100 Profit Pulling Small Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs and Startups

February 25th, 2022

I have been asked many times on the business idea is profitable. If you are seeking for a profitable business idea that have been tested and confirmed, read this article.

The reason why many do not see the business idea is as a result of the following

  1. Most people look. I mean they just look and they say, there is no money here let me find other businesses with high investment potential.
  2. Some of the people running the business can barely feed their family. You see, when you see a business idea but it does not seem interesting to you. Check again. You probably have been carried away by those currently running the business.

I have seen many small business owners run a good business in the red. Let me illustrate what I want to convey here.

I found out that running a business center can be very profitable. I decided to check on many centers and see how they run theirs. Here are my findings:

  1. Most of them have no business plan
  2. Most of they do not have knowledge of the business
  3. Most of them do all the aspect of the business themselves. They are the secretary, the accountant, the manager, the sales rep etc.
  4. There is too much complain of how things are wrong
  5. They never find solution to their current challenges
  6. They don’t take business advice
  7. They park up after two or three years
  8. They do not know that business is spiritual. They get hit by many arrows from other competing business.

Numbers 4 , 5 and 8 seem to be all common. This I have found out. Took me three years though.

As an entrepreneur, here are the business ideas that can start small or big and still become very profitable.

  1. Serviced based business

These are the business ideas that are focused on service delivery

They are:

  1. Hair dressing salon

You know there are both male salons and female salon. Others are unisex salons. The make up or beauty industry has a lot of sales going on. Do your research though.

  1. Dry cleaning shop

I have seen an entrepreneur who started small become very big in this business. If you like washing as a hobby, give I a try.

  1. Call and recharge card center

This can start small and grow to become a million businesses. Ask for more information on call center business in Nigeria

  1. Accounting services

Banks and chattered accounts have so much to do. You as a small business entrepreneur can start a small credit society and thrift collection. But you have to be qualified.

  1. Car washing services etc.

Another unique one. Easy to set up a car washing business. Get a space legally and do a borehole. Then find more information and you can begin.


  1. Product based businesses

These are businesses focused in product production

  1. Metal fabrication

Welders and car body builders. You may later grow t export some metals abroad. We are blessed in this country.

  1. Drinking Water production (bottled or sachet)

This water bottle business is competitive but profitable. Don’t fear competition. Read more here.

  1. Poultry farming

I love this . but I have not started it. Its just on my list. I have visited some farms. More research on it though.

  1. Ice cream production

Ice cream is good. You know about fan yoghurt.

  1. 12. Ice block production– you may do this at home or anyplace there is constant electricity. Prices may vary depending on the location of this business. People tend to buy more blocks during the dry season when the heat is on. This might seem to be a seasonal business but it can thrive all year round with proper marketing.
    Cement block production.

Otherwise known as the block industry. Cement blocks are mostly used in building of shops, roads and houses. This makes the demand for cement blocks on increase. This business needs a technical knowhow. Find out all you can about the cement block production business
14. Paving stones production

15. Art collection and gallery

16. Transportation – Okada(Motorcycles), Danfo (Commercial buses), Keke(Tricycles) and Taxis

This is a very popular business in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. get a bike, register license among other things. Get a rider and make an agreement with him. Then you may start this business.

17. Wedding planning

Every year, people get married. They need to do lots of preparation and spending.

18. Web designing and development

If you are into ICT like I am, you will be a web designer. Web design business if a very lucrative one .one things you should take note of is that whatever business you are in, there will always be competition. Differentiate yourself by creating a brand. Build websites for businesses and organizations that have no online presence. This can quickly fetch you money.

19. Educational centers for Jamb, WAEC, NECO, ICAN.

Every year, there are millions who wants to write one examination or another. Having a tutorial lesson is a must sell and you can begin anywhere.

20. Daycare and/or schooling

If you love kids and children and are always concern bout their welfare. Then do you really feel a need to start a daycare center, daycare or school for kids is lucrative anyday or time. The only catch is that you must have passion for it and put in the needed effort.

21. Computer schools

Train the young and old o how to use the computer. There are many computer schools but there are many more people who cannot use the computer. Find a gap and fill it.

22. Language schools for Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa

This is a serious business as we have less language schools. Before you venture here, do your research.

23. Importation of Textiles and/or sales.

14. Designer clothes importation from China
15. Laptop importation and/or sales

Can be truly profitable to import laptops but find out what selling before you begin importation. Again, for laptop importation, you need to check the cost of bring them.
16. Computer and mobile phones accessories
importation and/or sales

Cost intensive but profitable business. Mobile phones are the way to go these days since there are millions using these phones so also the demand for their accessories.

17. New and used car importation/sales including spare parts

Cars and spare parts business is good too but there are many things to factor in. if you truly want to know what it takes, then ask those already in the business

18. Video club for home movies
19. Social clubs
20. Fitness centers
21. Recreational centers
22. Eateries and restaurants
23. Hotels and other lodging services
24. Driving school
25. Haulage and logistics business
26. Ice cream production
27. Snail farming
28. Poultry farming for egg and/or meat
29. Piggery
30. Fish farming
31. Consulting services
32. Real estate agency
33. Real estate investment
34. Cement production
35. Oil companies’ servicing
36. Home delivery services
37. Catering services
38. Blogging
39. Article writing
40. Forex trading (Online and offline)
41. Internet marketing
42. Affiliate marketing
43. Fashion designing and tailoring
44. Computer and mobile phone repair service
45. Plumbing and electrical services
46. Provision stores
47. Tomato and Chilli pepper farming
48. Home movie production Nollywood)
49. Jewellery stores
50. Bridal stores
51. Traveling agency
52. Educational consulting
53. Tax consulting
54. Recharge card or airtime sales (Retailing or
55. Biscuit production
56. Solar energy installation
57. Solar energy equipment sales
58. Inverters and batter sales
59. Cheap laptop importation and sales
60. Computer services (Typing, printing, scanning
and others)

you may start a business center as its widely known in Nigeria. if you truly wants to be successful, you need to find the right location for your business center.
61. Natural Juice production and sales
62. Health products business
63. Pharmacy retail stores
64. Praying ministry business (No business like
Spiritual business)
65. Electrical and Electronics business (Imports,
retail and wholesale)
66. Carpentry business
67. Waste disposal service
68. Waste recycling business
69. Fertilizer production
70. Painting service
71. Hairdressing salons (For men and women)
72. Manicure, pedicure and even facials’ salons
73. Flower farming and sales
74. Job search related services
75. GSM Phone repairs and servicing
76. Wedding consulting
77. Party planning
78. Private library service
79. Newspaper archive service
80. Final accounts preparation for companies
81. Firewood sales
82. Dry cleaning
83. Laundry services
84. Car wash service
85. Home security equipment sales
86. Security services

Insecurity is a major problem in any part of the world. Set up a security guards company and you can partner with the government and private organizations .
87. Photography services

If you have a passion for photos and you are good with the camera then venture into photography.
88. Paper collection and recycling
89. Monogramming and branding items service
90. Printing services

Print flyers, books and posters. You can also do book printing. There are many new and established authors who need the service of a publisher. This is h=where you come in.
91. Courier services
92. Seminar and workshop organizing

Organizing seminars for a fee has been an age long practice.
93. Internet eBook sales

For the smart and enterprising youths. EBooks are read and consumed by thousands worldwide. Large stores can help you sell or retail your book. Such stores like amazon and walmart.

94. Bulk SMS Solutions

A thriving and useful business model. There are thousands of these models around. Bulk sms business has really come to stay in Nigeria.
95. Search Engine Optimization and marketing

This is also known as SEO. It’s an online thing and its relates with search engines like Google , yahoo and Bing.
96. Internet advertising services
97. Recruitment agency

Unemployment is a very serious issue. There are thousands who are seeking employment. Let it be your job to organize interviews and do recruitment for companies that need their services
98. Pet breeding

Breeding pets like dog and goats with other animals are serious business ventures as big and small businesses do this all the time.
99. Weight loss business

Men and women who have gained weight really wants to lose some form of it. This is a global issue and there are many related products to sell these set of customers. Do your research well
100. Bread production

Bread production s a business is a very lucrative and competitive business ideas as new companies are coming up with better bread taste and packaging. You need to be really prepared to venture into this. However its still doable.


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