15 – Online Jobs from Home you can Do and Make Profits Endlessly

March 25th, 2022

Are you seeking an online jobs that pays well and is something that is down to earth and easy for you to do? Today, I have decided to list some top online jobs that applicants can do with minimal skill.this means that students and part-time workers can learn any of the skills need for each of these.

I have been online for the past seven years . this list compiled here are not the only one . There are more jobs to do online today. This list is aimed at getting you started so that you don’t get sucked in the selection phase. Jobs seekers can now take advantage and refer to this page.

On a side note, I omitted certain jobs that require certification. I just wanted something easy to start right away with or without certification. Although for a number on this post, you might need to get certified but most of them are skills that could be easily learned within 3-6 months.

If you want to begin as an entrepreneur then reading my previous post on starting a business and 100 business ideas will be a good start. lets not forget that what ever you are doing should be well branded.


Write an article as an online job from home

This is my favorite. Its as easy as I have listed it. Do you live in America or any part of Africa or Asia? you can become an article writer. But please master this skill before you begin to venture into it. Do not think its as easy as that.

Check out sites like fiverr.com and iwriter.com

You will get a feel of how things are happening at the moments concerning writing and becoming a better writer. I encourage you to read blogs like copyblogger and youngprepro.com (writers in charge). These are some of the sites that I have found useful towards writing an article for money.

After practicing for free, compare your write-ups with what others produce. With time, you will certainly improve and get more leads.

So how do you get started? Register for a free blog on blogger. Use this blog to test your writing skills. After 2 months, write free for some top blogs.

Then you may now go to fiverr.com and open a gig .


Be a webmaster

A webmaster in my own language is someone who runs a website successfully. He manages and maintains it growth, failures and successes.

This means that for you to be a webmaster, you must have basic knowledge about the following topics

  1. Website design
  2. Search engines
  3. Search engine optimization
  4. Webmasters account
  5. Hosting related issues
  6. Site optimization
  7. Content writing and marketing
  8. Tracking and analytics

So you see that its not everyone who put up a blog that is a webmaster. It’s a skill you can learn. Reading and reading numerous courses and eBook’s can achieve this. Relating with top content providers is a good way to begin. Do not get discouraged because of the share volume of things to learn. I never knew that I would be one. Never had a plan for it. Over three years, I had learned a lot. Finally I can set up sites and watch them grow. Go for this job if you are ready for it.

Design book covers and logo

Yes eBooks writing and publication are always on the increase. The rise of self-publishing on amazon has put a powerful tool in the hands of authors and publishers. Many people are publishing their books online each year. They would need logo designers and book cover designers.

With the advent of kindle publishing, book covers creators seem to see serious spikes in profits are request have always been on the increase. If you do not have a computer nor have any knowledge about Photoshop, you will need to get someone design a great book cover.

This is where book cover designers come in.

Create YouTube videos

YouTube is the second leader to Google search. They boast of billions of viewers and millions of visitors daily. Companies and marketers want to get a share of this traffic and convert some of them to paying customers. There are thousands of YouTube videos uploaded daily from different parts of the world.

Making a YouTube video is now a lucrative online business that pays. If you go to fiverr, you will observe that most marketers need a YouTube video to promote their website. This is where you may come in. learn how to create these kinds of videos and you may start getting referrals and sales.

You need a laptop and an internet connection for this. In addition some free time to learn and master the creation process.

Learn search engine optimization

What is search engine optimization?

It is all about giving Google search engine, Bing search engine and yahoo search engine what they want and need to list your webpage among the top best web pages on the internet for visitors.

Here is a little view of what an SEO specialist is expected to do.

Create a webpage on any topic

Target one or two keywords

Optimize the webpage (meaning you put in the target keyword a couple of time in the content of that page)

Create or promote links the page

You do all of the above within a natural frame.

Search engine optimization is never an easy task but it’s very profitable as more customers will seek you out .

To get started, you need a coach. You may read some eBooks on it as a beginner.

Fill data entry forms

There are many companies which pay people to fill certain forms or survey questions. To get involved in data entry jobs, you need to find out the right companies. I do not have a valid list yet. There are so many scam sites.

This does not mean that there is no genuine list. I will find a reliable list of data entry jobs and update this post.


Perform simple task for clients

Simple task like submitting a website to a directory, promote a product on social media, write a blog post, schedule a post, visit and get information about a site etc. you can customize the service. If you can do simple online task, you already have a job in your hands.

How to begin

Offer a free task offer to prospects . If they see that you are good and they like your work, some of them will choose you.

Offer your own service

You need to sell something that people will give you money. A service or product you have just created Is a great place to start.

How to begin offering your own products online

Write an eBook. You can do a search on Google for amazon kindle tips.

Check all the skills you have gathered so far and decide to offer a few of them as a service to people.

There are many people who sell their own products and are making it big especially in publishing. Do not forget to read all you can before you jump into any service. You do not want to bring out crappy products do you. Offer the best product to customers. You need to build your own list of customers too.

Be a marketer

You are a marketer if you can do the following for others

Post to your email list

Post to multiple Facebook groups

Post to social networks

Post to blogs and blog directories

Post to web properties etc.

Web marketers post a site or link to top places on the internet. The reason is to get traffic.

People get paid to do this online job from home to others. For examples some people can post a video to 25 video sharing sites. Others can post a link to 100 website on the net. Stuffs like this a very common.


Become a virtual assistance

This applies to companies who need virtual assistants to answer calls for them. Some require this assistance to be a sales rep. you might need a certification before you are employed. Do a Google search on virtual assistance

Be a sales rep

Represent them in any way possible from any part of the world

Create a funny cartoon

Be a book writer

Write a short story or play as a book and upload it online. The self-publishing industry is boom for most publishers. You either make money by writing for other or publishing for them.

Be a book editor

Can you read ? Then you might be an editor. I am not referring to a top class newspaper editor. I mean someone who can identify errors in a written document and edit it successfully. If you can do this, then the market is there for you. Contact new authors and established one and offer your service free. After a while you start charging for this.

Review products for others as an online job from home


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