4 Tips for Getting Your Business Blog Noticed Online

February 26th, 2022

So, you’ve started a business blog and wish to have it noticed online? Well that should make you an aspiring entrepreneur!

Starting a business blog means you plan to write an income statement soon, and you have already crafted ideas on ways to make money from it. It’s a good thing you’ve done especially sorting for ways of promoting your blog online!

It’s not just enough to have a business blog launched, you need to make sure your customers or clients find it easily and above all use it effectively. A business blog that is so finely designed with promising links integrated on it but with no regular view or visit is as good as nothing.

It might also interest you to know that there are several people on the outside fighting the same course you are fighting and these people have also put in more effort, most cases monetary resources to get their business blogs ranking and noticed online. It gets more competitive if the niche your business is built on is viral. In other words, there is high competition.

This article lists in summary 4 tips that can help you get your new business blog ranking and easily noticed online.

First things first – Get your blog listed on major search engines

If you must stand out among many and remain in business, this is the first step you must take. Submit your blog directly to major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. There are plenty of them, but this three has proven to be the best.

Notify search engines each time you make a post on your blog

Another import step you must take to regularly get noticed online is using pinging tools. A ping tool is simply a website or company that sends signals or alerts to major search engines about your new blog post or updates. It can be a post you made about a new product, news or any other update; the best way to make sure your blog is fresh is by alerting search engines through pinging. So far, I have been using Pingomatic and have come to love it.

Join a “Banner Exchange blog,” and trade advertising banners with other business blogs

This will equally help you if you intend doing business online. There are so many of the banner exchange websites out there, just type the keyword “banner exchange” on Google search engine to see them. Before you go for any banner exchange make sure you have added the 125 by 125 ads banner plugin to your blog.

You can equally visit sites similar to or related to your blog and offer to exchange links with them. However, while doing this make sure not to exchange links with blog sites that are not relevant to what your blog preach. Linking with sites with irrelevant contents harms your blog in terms of Google ranking. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to waste your hard earned juicy links on blogs that adds no meaning to what you’re writing or selling.

Write Useful Articles for Other Blogs: This is called Guest Posting

You may be wondering if you really have to write for others to grow my business. Yes you do and is worth doing! If you really want to be noticed online, start targeting sites with loyal readers and subscribers and offer to write a Guest post for them.

When you do, make sure the article(s) you will submit follows the 5 tips for writing great content online so that you stand the chance of getting the author of the blog to publish it. Remember, not all guest posts submitted to guest post accepting blogs are published, so don’t feel bad when it happens to you. However, if you read and follow the tips I provided in the article above, you will get your guest post published for sure.

As part of what I wrote in that post, one of the things you must endeavour to do is to first do your homework, by finding out the kind of article the author like writing or what the readers like reading, then take your time and do a wonderful and killer article with your website or blog links included as deemed fit by the author. This is a great back links and traffic means to your blog.

What works for you?

Apart from the tips listed above, what other tips works for you? I would like to hear your story in comments…


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