6 Reasons You Should Do Information Product Business in Nigeria

Believe me when I sing praises about doing information product business in Nigeria. Information Product business is an easiest way to make money online in Nigeria. It’s NOT close to scam or cyber crime, just by being smart and reaching out to people of interest, you make yourself some cool cash and it goes that way.

One question I have always been asked by some of my readers is why I have chosen to promote information product business more than any other and most especially why I usually recommend it to Nigerians wanting to make money online. I have decided that doing a simple and straight forward article on this subject matter will be the best so every other subscriber of my blog will benefit from the answer.

I remember that I mentioned in one of my articles that you can easily make N100,000 to N250,000 a week from information product business in Nigeria if you are lazy type. What this means is that if you are the type that work hard, N250,000 can hit your bank account in less than 7 days!

Well if you must know why I do recommend doing information product business in Nigeria, here are top 6 reasons that will interest you:

Reason #1: You Must Not Be an Expert to do the Business

I always like to mention in every of article that information marketing is for smart people. So if you are the smart type you will do very well in the information product business in Nigeria. You don’t have to be in the medical field to create a health info product that sells like fire as well, you don’t necessarily need to be a Lawyer to show people how they can legally register their business name in Nigeria. Doing all these does not your an expertise, just by being smart in researching and using the inbound knowledge of the experts in the field, you can easily create an info products and make a hail of money from them.

Reason #2: It’s a ZERO cost Start up Business

Another unique way to say this is that it requires a very low-cost to start! You can start creating your information products immediately just with a PC and internet connectivity. By my assumption, an average Nigerian looking for ways to make money online has a PC and a phone which can browse that is if you don’t already have an internet modem. This is simply the reason why I said the business involves low or ZERO cost to start up.

Lets assume you want to create an information product that you had already researched, all you need do is to launch your Microsoft word, type and format them and then convert into a PDF material which becomes an ebook ready to be marketed. On the other hand, if you don’t have a PC and internet, you can easily write your product on plane papers and then take them to any business center close to you so they can type and format it for you. But this is not option because there are computers sold as low as N30,000 to N40,000 and they will still serve you well.

Putting all these together, if you do not already have a PC and internet connectivity, you can start up an information product business with at least N40,000 to N50,000 depending on your budget and location. If you reside in Lagos, you can easily buy the two as low as this amount.

Reason #3: It Requires ZERO cost of Production

Please don’t confuse ZERO cost to start up with ZERO cost of production. The two are not the same. Just a quick difference between them:

ZERO cost to start up means that in most cases, you need money to start the business. (That’s if you already have a computer and internet modem or smartphone that can browse and connect with your computer.)

ZERO cost of production means that it requires ZERO Naira to create an information product when doing the business. With your PC and internet already in place, all you have to do is do your research using Google and other tools in your possession and then use your Microsoft word to type, format and convert to PDF material which you can now start marketing. Hope you got that?

Reason 4: You Make Money Doing What You Like

One of the interesting things about doing an information product business is that it allows you to make money from your hobbies, ideas, knowledge or findings. It becomes an added advantage when you are good at something, have some special skills which your colleagues or friends do not have but are always eager to learn from you. Once you notice any of these qualities, hobbies or skills, you can easily convert them into money making business.

Once you are able to use your skills, hobbies or ideas to solve a problem, there are a handful of Nigerians waiting empty their wallet just to have your information product. By doing this, you have succeeded in making money just by using what you have to get what you want. That’s one of the dividends of information product business.

Reason 5: The Business Makes You Passive and Reoccurring Income Year in-Year Out

Passive income is simply an income you make by just playing little or no role in a business while reoccurring income is an income you keep making as a result of long time sells or business you did in the past. If you are already employed by a company or firm, you make Active income, that’s the money you are paid by your employer at the end of every month. As against passive income, you make money just by playing little role in a business venture and you keep making money daily, weekly and monthly and if by chance you decide to quit or stop you will still be making your money. But for active income, once you stop working your salary stops coming.

Once you are able to create your information products, you will start making passive income and the more you sell your products the more reoccurring income you make until the day you decide to stop selling. But you won’t stop selling I suppose?

Reason 6: You Make Unimaginable Profits

You know what? I used to see the adverts on information products business as scam until I sold my first product which landed unimaginable profits in my GTBank account. This was way back in 2008 in Abia State University, Uturu, when I was writing my BSc project.

The thing with this business is that if you do it well, you will make up to 200% profits that’s if you are the hard working type. The business is so sweet because you determine how much you are going to make before ever starting your sells. I did a math below just look at closely and you will see the reason why I recommend doing an information product business:

Let’s assume you discovered a solution to a problem most Nigerians have been longing to solve and you have created an ebook that addresses the problem and you plan to make N250k the first week here is how you will make exactly that amount and even above it:

Normally info products are like short reports mostly in PDF formats and sells averagely between N500 to N5,000 depending on the nature of the information. Now let’s assume you decide to sell the ebook at N2,500 for each to raise the N250k you planed making. It means you will need to sell only 100 copies of that ebook to the targeted or group of Nigerians that needs the information. Here is the breakdown:

At N500 per ebook= You will need to sell 500 copies

At N1000 per ebook= You will need to sell 250 copies

At N1,500 per ebook= You will need to sell approximately 167 copies

At N2,000 per ebook = You will need to sell 125 copies

At N2,500 per ebook (our target) = You ONLY need to sell 100 copies. Period!!!

I believe you have now seen why most information product sellers tell you they make N250k to N300,000 in 7 days? It’s 100% real and it’s still working beyond doubts. All you need do is follow the information product creation steps below:

Step 1: Discover a hungry NICHE and what problems they have

Step 2: Go back to your PC and query Google and other experts in that field to get ideas on how to solve the problem

Step 3: Once you get your ideas and other supportive facts proceed to creating the info product using Microsoft word and PDF converter

Step 4: Decide on how much to sell the info product and launch it using several marketing means like blogging, forums, paid and free advertising

Step 5: Sit back and watch your bank account swell up with lots of Nairas…

Now can you tell me any other business apart from information product business that can raise you such urgent amount of money in 7 working days or less with less stress and ZERO expertise?

If there is any, please let me know in comments below…

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