Entrepreneurship: Amazing Ways on How to Hire People who Grow Businesses

March 25th, 2022

At a stage in your entrepreneurial journey, you will discover that you need relevant skills to learn how to hire people effectively in order to increase your chances of success in your business. Today’s post is about how to hire more sane people who deserve to be at your work place. I hope that this article becomes somewhat useful to you.

I have few friends who own their own business while some are just starting out. I have observed with keen interest the way they hire and fire their staff. To be frank, it’s usually done the wrong way. You are reading this article because you want to do it effectively. So here are my top ten ways to employ more hard working and encouraging team members for any organizations.

It begins with YOU!-Find your life path

You want workers to come on board don’t you? So you need to find your critical life mission. There is a law that says “who you are is who you attract” the law of attraction. I read a book titled: 33 laws of power. You need to find yourself before asking others to follow your business. I agree to the fact that a business is a separate entity. However, this entity is run by another entity. Do you see a business that seems to always make thy write choice in hiring more hands? The secret is the entrepreneur’s life mission and style. Find your path and you will attract the right set of applicant. Sure there will be 70-80% unreliable applicants but you also get the useful 20% of applicant apply for a job in your organization. This useful 20% is more than what you need.

Confused business owners get to hire confuse people. This is not you. You have a mission and a goal. You seek someone who is ready to enhance and help you out. You reach and help this person too.

Do you Know what you want?

Do You want to increase your skills on how to hire people? Do you need a sales person or a manager?. What actually are you seeking for when you want to hire?

Most start up business entrepreneur makes the mistake of seeking for the qualifications only. Well,  can I mention that big companies do same? Certification is a basic requirement. Set it at any level. The truth is that you still employ a beast or a lion lamb. I would rather have a lion-lamb than have a beast. Now picture yourself enter your office in the early hours of work. You sit at the office and browse through your daily schedule. You call your newly employed staff and asked how business went yesterday, last week and last month. At the end of discussion, you begin to regret that this was not what you intended.

What do you want from an employee?

Write down as many answers as possible. You all these answers to craft interview questions you will ask those seeking for a job in your enterprise.

Use this to assess every job seeker that sits on your interview desk.

Build your leadership skills

Have you heard business owners who expect their employees to take advantage of an opportunity but the said employee failed? They will fail if you fail. I have had to remind my subjects that I do not tolerate indiscipline. I told them that taking action is better than holding on except in some cases. Before I could do this, I leant through various leadership courses that the leader takes the lead. Now you are asking that this article is supposed to be on employing people. Yes it is. Take the lead. Build yourself. Be the best. You can’t get the best if you do not be the best. I found out that whatever I wanted people do or be, I had to lead them before I asked them.

Seek WHO has what you want-  skills, knowledge, expertise and attitude

Which of the applicant seem to have e skills you want? Call three of them and look for the best. You will need smart questions to uncover secret traits each possesses. Some organizations and companies have human resource departments. The human resource manager can help alongside his team. If you are just starting a business. Use your instinct. I have the uncanny ability to test and select people for a given position. you can learn this skill but it will take some time. So take your time to look for someone who has what you want. I would rather employ one person who can do three things well or one person who can do a thing very well. You need to test them to know. You may ask; So you can design very well? Do this sample design for me. Either way, I win.

Find out the Reasons Why they want to work with you

Most times, job seeks and applicants are seeking a job to keep them busy. They do not want to spend another month without an active employment. They go everywhere seeking to be employed. Why this might not be of importance, find out their job history. Though most people can tell you lovely things to whet your appetite and make you feel well regarding their application, you should look beyond the words said.

Employ and test out.

Employ those you have chosen and give them a 2 months test. You do not have to tell them. Make up your mind to test them. At the end of the month, find out those who performed well should be retained.

Stick to the winners

Winners are the employees who work hard. I love people who do what they are asked to do. I prefer those who do their work and the extra work.

They are always asking for more things to be done. You will notice that they are not in a hurry to go. They are obedient and relate with other colleagues.

Interview more hands for a position.

The more people you interview for a position the better decision you make. You an get help by getting the smartest interview questions and selecting those that meet your criteria. Then use this question or give it to your panel for further improvement before finalizing on the question to ask when hiring more people who will grow your business.


Get spiritual

To hire more people especially the right ones is a top priority of any serious minded organization. You need to be spiritual. You need to believe in God, no matter your religion, and have faith in Him. I have taken few years to study the way some business owner’s employed the hands they needed.

I will really say that I was not impressed.

One of them who was close to me told me that he has spent three months teaching his employees (two ladies)on how to do the job. They do things that cost his business more money hereby affecting total revenue.

No sooner have you decided to open for business than the enemies send the wrong hands to drain all your profit.

Business is spiritual

Business is spiritual. You may get the wrong people if you do not pray.

The wrong people will close down your shop. I have seen it happen several times before.

Do not let this happen to you .

Fast and pray!

Read all you can about hire more hands and service attendants.


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