Graduate Jobs in Nigeria: 10 Ways to Find your Dream Job that Pays

March 25th, 2022

Do you need a job fast as graduate jobs in Nigeria are never easy to find. There are many people seeking the same jobs from the same sources. Recently, I was seeking for a job because I had stayed a whole year without working. I decided to try something else. After a year, I read about so many mentors and successful people about the need to work while preparing you as an entrepreneur. Most of my mentors were working before they began their business. I decided to follow the same route.

After applying at a particular institution, I never knew that over 200 applications have been submitted by job seekers. I’m not a fan of too much competition. They never got back to me. I was surprised. On further inquiry, I was informed from a reliable source that the application for graduate jobs was more than they had anticipated. On hearing this I knew this was the reason for not considering my application. More so, I heard it was going to be done on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.

So you see that finding your dream job is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, I have decided to share some uncommon ways of getting your dream job. Below are the lists:


Look for job sites and apply

I have a few friends who were considered for employment based on applying through different job sites. Human resource managers and employers of labour now submit their vacancy advertisement online. If you could apply online, then you may be considered for a job.

Best job sites in Nigeria (discontinued)


get your certificates ready

Are your certificates ready and up to date?

Certification are a must if you are serious about your dream job. I know a young man in 2014 and during our discussion, he told me an incident that happened to him. At his workplace as a security guard, a man he has never met saw him and began asking about his welfare. After this brief introduction, the man asked him if he would like to work in a better job. He answered in the affirmative. The man then asked him what his qualification was. He said that he only has WAEC certificate result. The inquirer became disappointed. That was how he lost the opportunity.

You need to get all required certificates ready.


Seek Non-Governmental organization

Non-governmental organization popularly known as NGO as fast becoming a regular sources of employment. To be honest, I had a non-governmental organization offer me an accounting work that would pay me 120,000. I never took the offer. Reason was that I was not an accountant.

The search for NGO’s offering adequate jobs are truly on the rise. You can get a list of all Ngo in your state and apply to them stating why they should consider your application.

Learn workable skills

Skills lead ultimately to more money. Basic skills are required to work in any industry and organizations.

Learn the following skill for work

Computer skills

Communication skills

Team-building skills

Marketing skills

Writing skills

Listening skills

Leadership skills

Entrepreneurial skills

Reading skills etc.

Skills related to a trade like web designing, carpentry, snail rearing etc.


Tell more people in your contacts

You have grown over the years to meet and keep friends and know people. It’s time to let some key contacts know your fate. They need to know that you are searching for a job. My last quest in finding a job made me tell four different contacts. At the end, I got one. Do you want to inform 20 contacts or 2 contacts about your state? The more you tell, the more you increase your chances.

Ask family members

They are nice ,loving and caring. I have had family members seek for a job for me where I never knew it existed. Your uncles and aunty may be waiting for you at this time. They may have friend s that may have some information about the next available jobs. Do not overlook this area or medium. Ask, ask and ask you’ve got nothing to lose.

Go to the workplace

Now it’s time you take the bull by the horn. Do the needful. Get out of your house and move to business areas and environment. Go to the working area or workplace. When you arrive at business environments, you enter each office or shop and enquire if you can submit your application. Some of them will accept it promising to call you back. Others will not accept it but a few will actually consider it.

Wait for Gods help

Let the king of kings put a hand in your job search. Do no pay anyone any money to give you a job. Pray and fast for it. Give your due offerings.

Go will see you through. I prayed for three months and forgot about the job. I got the job after that period. God is faithful.

Give something

When I get my salary, thought it was tithes and offering that was important.

God told me personally that I must go beyond that. He said that was why he provided a job for me. So many people never knew why he gave them their jobs.


What will you give? Can you give to someone today?


Answer interview question papers

Finally, you need to answer interview questions or similar interview examinations. Find out if you are going to have oral or written interview questions.

Most interviews which job seekers do are usually similar in nature.

I hope this top ten list of graduate jobs in Nigeria helps you. What do you think ? kindly share your thoughts.


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