Small Business Ideas in China you can Do Easily

Doing a small business ideas today in china could not have come at an appropriate time. There are many small businesses and entrepreneurs that have taken the bold step of starting a small business in china. Despite the numerous challenges that may be faced, these ideas are worth a try if you can get lots of information on them.

Now here is my list as I hope to carefully explain each one of them

  • Marketing products
  • Raising puppoies
  • Agric export
  • Buyers and sellers connector
  • Online internet business
  1. Marketing products and services.

There are thousands of products and services in china with their companies actively involved in creating more of these. When you choose to be a marketer, you need to find new buyers for every kind of product you want to sell. Starting small business ideas in china is not very difficult if you know the ropes. For example if you sell books, you need new customers. These customers are everywhere but I believe that you need to find them and especially those who can pay for what you have to offer. As a marketer, check schools, check offices, check banks, check online buyers of books and list on certain book stores.

You must never give up as your success depends on this


  1. Raising puppies or pets

This is a very lucrative business and profitable. Raising pets like dogs and assorted breeds can be fun. Do you know that there is a way to do this as a business and you could even export some breed of dogs?

Pets are friends of humans as we rear them at home and for security purposes. German shepherd dogs are very popular in china and shanghai or Beijing. Although you need to find where they sell puppies in these Chinese cities. The benefit of doing this business idea in shanghai is that it’s one of the most populous Chinese cities. So what I am saying is that you buy puppies at very cheap rates and raise then for some months before selling them for higher prices. To begin, find markets where they sell and at what prices you will buy them.

  1. Exporting agricultural foods in china.

China is a large producer of so many things and products in the world today. Foods are not excluded. Rice, beans and cereals seems to be the most consumed food and fruits like oranges and lemon are not left out either. If you can get a good space for planting then check the list of items you can plant for export and see if you can meet the export conditions as I believe that each country has theirs. If you want to be laser targeted , find fruits other countries are buying rapidly which is imported. You can do this as your export item to that same country.

  1. internet business.

The internet business community has come to stay and we cannot ignore this fact. Doing an online work from china is very possible. I make most of my current income online and I know quite a lot of people who do so too. The thing with internet income is that there are many scams. Be careful and I advise that any online business you want to do should be learned first. When you learn, you will do better.

I hope you enjoy this article. Wish you a successful business in china.

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