Ways to Establish yourself as a Credible Information Marketing Expert Online in Nigeria

February 26th, 2022

Online Information Marketing in Nigeria has taken a greater shape as many businesses are now done via the medium. Today, establishing yourself as a credible information marketer online in Nigeria is what every serious Nigerian hoping to make money online should strive to have.

What this simple means is that you will be needing some known skills and also have the readiness mindset to explore the Nigerian online market. I always like to emphasis that Nigerians are now reading online and also are now ready to pull out their wallet to throw at any serious and credible online information marketer who can truly show them the way to make money online or provide them with much needed information to enhance their productivity.

Like I said earlier, in other to establish yourself as an expert with credible arsenal in the information marketing business in Nigeria, you will be needing some skills or what I may like to call features to climb the ladder of success! Some of these skills are what I will be sharing with you in this article, so let’s quickly get started:

First who do you think is an expert? I checked with a mobile dictionary and it defines an expert in a plain English:

A person with extensive knowledge, or ability in a given subject.

Wikipedia extensively defined an expert as thus:

Someone widely recognized as a reliable source of technique or skill whose faculty for judging or deciding rightly, justly, or wisely is accorded authority and status by their peers or the public in a specific well-distinguished domain.

Hope you now have idea of where I going with this?


Becoming an expert does not just happen in a day, it’s something you grow to have in you. How do you grow to become an expert? Simply by focusing on one thing and trying to be the best in it by doing your studies, researches and findings, you will in the process learn so many things about that area of interest and thus begin to put some of those things into practice.

Now it’s one thing to be an expert in a certain field and also another thing to be seen or known as a credible expert. There are so many information marketing experts online (as they will call themselves) but there are only a few of them who are actually known to be credible. This is the message you should be getting into your head right now. Ask yourself which one you are. But I will leave you with that and go straight to how you can actually establish yourself as a credible information marketing expert online in Nigeria.

To be able to establish yourself as a credible information marketing expert online in Nigeria, the following are 6  out of the many skills or things you should do or be doing:

1. Spread the Word

What is the word you are spreading here? It’s simple, just go ahead and inform people about your skill by directly telling them that you are specialized in a certain area of information marketing. When telling them, try carrying with you some marketing aides like business cards, fliers and every other to help you pass the message.  Truth is that people begin to weigh your worth immediately you first come in contact with them, so make it real attracting and appealing.

2. Go Online and Announce Your Work There

Once you have established yourself offline, next will be to take it to the one place where there are hundreds (if not millions) of potential readers and buyers. The best way to make this happen is by starting up a WordPress blog and then filling it up with content articles on your area of information marketing. When writing the contents, make sure your readers or potential buyers see your expertise right from your articles. Also make sure your contents speak directly to them and should be nothing else than topics on information marketing business online.

3. Visit Nigerian Forums/Websites and Proffer Solutions

One way to easily position yourself as a credible expert especially in Nigeria is by visiting popular Nigerian websites and forums and proffering solutions to the existing problems faced by members or users of such sites. Among the many forums in Nigeria is Nairaland.com which happens to have the highest number of registered Nigerians of different class. There you can find bankers, doctors, engineers, students and so on. It’s actually a place to establish yourself!

4. Be a Creator of Information Products

Remember I talked about solving people’s problems. Because you want to solve these problems from the perspective of a credible information marketing expert, the best way to do that is by creating information products as solutions to some named problems. It’s very easy, just spot what problem(s) people are facing, or the needs/wants they desire, do your research and try coming up with solutions in the form of information product. The info product can be in the forms of an ebook, audio or video. The unique thing about creating info products is that they can be used as bonus, giveaways to show people your expertise or you can as well decide to sell them for a few Naira.

5. Associate Yourself with Experts in Your Industry

A tree cannot make a forest as they said. This is just the same when it comes to establishing yourself as an expert information marketer. You need align or associate yourself with other experts in your chosen area of information marketing. The good news is that when you walk with established experts, you make it easier for yourself to get defined. Most smart information marketers skyrocketed themselves to experts by applying this method.

One smart way of making this happen is by going to seminars, workshops or conferences organised by other established experts in the information marketing industry. You can start a relationship with them via their blogs by subscribing to their blog update, leaving compelling comments on their articles and writing them from time to time. In the events of conferences, seminars or workshops, take pictures with them to actually make people  see that you are in the same league with these experts.

During my days of blogging, I joined a popular Nigerian WordPress and Blogger Blogspot Bloggers called “BloggerLab” and being a member alone automatically tagged me a professional blogger in Nigeria simply because most young Nigerian bloggers both on WordPress and Blogspot are all in the forum. You can also apply this trick in your information marketing business. Take some time to find out bodies, forums or websites where people go to ask experts questions and join such forums to upgrade yourself.

One more thing, as a professional content writer and blogger, I have been able to write for big blogs like Problogger.net, JohnChow.com, SearchEngineJournal.com, BasicBlogTips.com, Freelancewriting.com and many more. You know what I did to show off my writing and blogging expertise? I simply added the logos of these great blogs on my Web Content Writing blog www.contentpractical.com and indicated that I am a regular contributor to these blogs. That was a smart move which has landed me great writing deals and credibility.

6. Organize Seminars or Workshops to Show Off Your Expertise

When you have finally learned from other experts in your industry, try putting your knowledge together and launch your own business school by organizing seminars, workshops or training events to teach and train people to further improve yourself and to position and establish yourself as renowned expert.


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