What Makes People Buy? 5 Reasons Plus Your Own

Every entrepreneur selling at some point need to ask himself this question “What exactly are the reasons why people want to buy things?” Believe asking this question has a way of launching you into the next level of your entrepreneurship! Again having in mind the reasons why people want to buy things either online or offline will help come up with fire burning production and marketing styles to stay in the system.

I have been able to ask myself this question and have come to a conclusion that you too need to do same to continue reaping the juicy benefits of being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur simply means that you either have a product you produce or the one you sell. Either way, it means you produce and sell your own products or you specialize on selling other people’s products. If you are doing the two at the same time or doing one, my guess is that you know when you are making reasonable sales and not. This is exactly the point where you take a break and look at the possible reasons why people want to buy things and then find a way of bringing it on your business.

Judging from my experience in the product production and marketing business, I can tell you that the successful sales of your products or services depends on the following factors:

  • The value of the product or service
  • The creativity put together to form the product
  • The readiness of the product or service to solve problems they are designed for

These 3 put together skyrockets your business to the next level. But there is still more to consider and that will be the core reasons why people would want to throw the wallet or Credit card at you.

That brings us to the 5 reasons why people want to buy things either offline or online. Let’s run through them:

1. The Product or Service is Perceived to Meets the Needs of the Prospective Buyer

Once you have a product or service that meets the needs and wants of people, you are certain moving up the ladder of reoccurring sales and patronage. It’s very simple and requires no lecture, just take come up with a solution that addresses the problems of a particular group of people and you are done. Period!

2. The Simplicity of the Product or Service

These days people want to get value of their money by making sure they go for products that will in a simple or step by step guide teach them what they need to know. Let’s say you sell an information product on how to register a business name with the corporate Affairs Commission, you will make your product a selling bomb if you present the report in a step by step guide exactly the steps they end user would follow to actually register a business name in Nigeria.

3. The Convenience in Accessing the Product

Technology has made everything so easy these days that people want to stay at the comfort of their homes to access what ever product or service they are buying. Today, most information products sold online comes with 3 options either to pay physical cash at a the product owner’s designated bank or via third party companies that specializes on online payment solution. In Nigeria, we have VoguePay.com and they really making the payment of products and services online a buzz…

4. The Pricing of the Product

Now here comes the BIG one! The price you tag your products have a major role to play in terms of bringing in sales and reoccurring sales. People want to buy from certain businesses because of their pricing system. Let me use the Mobile Producing Brand “TECNO.” If you are really a mobile phone user in Nigeria and Africa at large, you will agree with me that Tecno has taken over the mobile phone market in Nigeria and that of Africa simply because they came up with products that competes with the so called high-end gadgets and still sell them at cheaper prices.

Today, companies like Samsung, Sony and Apple now struggle to sell their products especially in Nigeria where Tecno has dominated and flooded the market with same high-end products just like the ones they produce and again selling them at affordable prices. The latest Tecno F7 which today competes with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is a good example of what I am trying to say. Tecno F7 goes for N35,500 as at the time of writing this article while Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost triple the price of F7. So pricing plays a major role in business and is one of the major reasons why people would want to buy a product.

5. Product Delivery

It’s one thing to produce and sell a product and also another thing to deliver it. The credibility of every business comes in at the stage of delivery. Since most of the businesses done today are online, the delivery process or time matters and determines if people would want to come back to a company after buying from them the first time. Most businesses promise to deliver a product within 3 hours of purchase, some will say withing 24 hours  and so on, the only reason why people would want to buy from certain businesses is because of the credibility in terms of their product or service delivery.

Over to You!

There are a handful of reasons why people want to buy things both offline or online. The ones above are just the few of them. I am sure you have other reasons why people want to buy things and that’s why I would like us to start off this conversation in comments…


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