DO You Agree?? Broke Guys Are More Loving & Caring Than Rich Boys

June 10th, 2022


Hello Guys,

Many people don’t believe this. Maybe they’re managing you until they find a correct guy. Don’t buy this Hollywood story of Romeo and Juliet. All I see here are mere description of fantacies and infatuation.

Most Naija women are impatient when things aren’t working out. You start hearing stuff like “see Dele took his wife & Kids to Disneyland and you’re still struggling to get me visa for Dubai.” The motto for our ladies is:

“No money No love”

onversely, Broke Guys are usually more Loving than Rich Guys, but Rich Guys SHOW more Love than Broke Guys #Keyword: SHOW😁

See, girls themselves are to blame, it is the girls that make rich guys not to be loving becos they always show that with your money, that it is enough, that your money does every other thing for you.

Anyway, The poor socio-economic and political nature of Nigeria has made LOVE a rare commodity. In fact, the only reason a Nigerian lady will date a “perceived” poor guy is either she hopes for a better tomorrow (the guy is intelligent and a graduate), or she is overaged, or Ugly.

What’s your take on this guys,

Broke Guys Are More Loving and Caring Than Rich Guys TRUE/FALSE?

Let’s hear from you all

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