LET US GIST!! What Is The Most Boring Social Media App??

June 10th, 2022


Hello Guys,

It seems that our lives today are dominated by social media, it’s not a very difficult to talk about but while it offers a variety of benefits, sometimes we get bored with it because of some negative features it has or brings to our mental health.

With the likes of Social Media Gossips, Invasion of Privacy, Show of Drama, Hate, Pride etc.

Personally, as a single who is searching, WhatsApp is a place where all hope is lost, that App can intimidate you with a ride to depression. From the WhatsApp Contacts, Group Admins, not to mention viewing of statuses, block Peter to post Paul charades🙄😏

Have you ever had some days where you don’t feel like chatting with anyone on WhatsApp and just view statuses??

Tell us your view on this 👇👇👇

What Is The Most Boring Social Media App?

Lets hear from you all

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